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Leading the Way with Energy Management and Information Systems:

The U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings initiative, Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, is pleased to announce that Swedish Medical Center, represented by MacDonald-Miller, has been recognized in the Healthcare category for a New Installation of a Fault Detection and Diagnostics System award.

In partnership with MacDonald-Miller, Swedish Medical Center implemented FDD at three hospital campuses, expanding from their first campus of about 1.5 million SF to 2.8 million SF in approximately one year. Using a customized ICONICS platform, our MacMiller team identifies faults down to the terminal unit level, then meets weekly with the facilities operations team to discuss and plan corrective actions for the highest priority faults. By exporting data from ICONICS into Microsoft Power BI, the team provides a management-level reporting dashboard of fault rates, total fault cost waste, opportunities that remain to be addressed, energy usage and savings. MacMiller partnered with Swedish Medical Center to deliver FDD through a 5-year smart buildings performance contract designed to provide a well communicated high-functioning installation and embed the tools into operational practices to create behavioral change for full adoption.

“Partnering with MacDonald-Miller during our ongoing Energy Initiative has been the right choice and a positive experience for Swedish Medical Center. MacDonald-Miller has proven expertise in working with ICONICS and installing analytical software while integrating our systems. The project’s success has been due in large part to their ability to provide clear communication throughout the planning, start-up, and implementation process. Their proficiency managing the fault resolution process, while training our staff on use of the system so we can manage it in-house, has built tremendous trust. They are a strong partner as we strive to meet our Energy Initiative Goals,” said Dan Stokes, the Facilities Manager at Swedish Medical Center.

And a few words of praise from MacMiller’s Pat Cabe, “I wanted to pass along a heartfelt congratulations to all involved. Everyone’s hard work, from the deployment team to the operations team led to Swedish being selected as the New Installation Award for FDD in Healthcare. This was a true team effort and the SBS team’s full skillset was on display throughout the project. We are helping our customer realize significant cost savings and reducing energy consumption along the way.”

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