Energy Savings Performance Contracting

As a Washington & Oregon qualified Energy Services Contractor (ESCO), MacDonald-Miller has the technology, talent and certification to make your buildings work better. Our energy guarantee program can help you achieve your goals to eliminate wasteful spending, reduce impact on the environment, increase occupant satisfaction, extend equipment life, and improve the asset value of your building.

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STEPS to success

  1. Select MacDonald-Miller as your ESCO.
  2. Execute a no cost Preliminary Audit.
  3. Complete an Investment Grade Audit (IGA) to further define scopes, cost, savings and construction timelines.
  4. Execute an Energy Services Proposal for the design and construction of approved scopes of work. Maximum project cost is guaranteed, and actual
    costs are substantiated. Any unused budget is credited.
  5. Design and construction of approved scopes of work.
  6. Validate savings outcomes.

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