Our certified Test and Balance (TAB) technicians inspect and adjust your HVAC environmental system to ensure it performs according to design – whether your building is a high-tech lab or warehouse. Starting with measurements from strictly calibrated instruments, your TAB engineer calculates and makes precise adjustments to bring your entire system into balance.




Our guarantee — 100% Occupant Satisfaction.

Our TAB team works independently to certify that building systems are operating at the design conditions. Any deficiencies are reported in a professional manner with the focus on delivering the best product for the owner.

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Our TAB Services (TABB/NEBB Certified)

Air & Water Balancing

For New Construction and System Retrofits: To make buildings work as designed requires that the right amount of conditioned air and water is being delivered to all the devices and occupied spaces. The MacTAB team of certified professionals work independently of our installation teams to ensure that all details of the system design criteria are installed and performing as intended.

Comfort Balance and Service Calls (TABB/NEBB Certified)

Have a comfort issue? Our TAB team can diagnose and fix the root cause of the problem. MacMiller has a dedicated team of on-call comfort issue problem solvers that will deliver long-term satisfaction.

Start-up Services for New Equipment Installations

No matter the piece of equipment, our factory certified technicians provide independent start-up service. Whether it’s a chiller, boiler, split system, rooftop unit, heat pump, variable frequency drive, or variable refrigerant system, we’re your most reliable resource.

Fire Life Safety Compliance Testing

Our Technicians and Supervisors hold certifications in FLS Level 1 & 2 as provided by ICB/TABB. This is an ANSI accredited program that ensures certified technicians, supervisors and contractors are competent, reliable, and qualified professionals. We work with the Local Authorities and Facility Managers to execute the required testing to meet annual certification requirements for pressurization of stairs, elevator hoist ways, and other Smoke Control/Management systems.


All Systems Go

The MacMiller team of certified professionals is available to assist with both new construction and existing building commissioning. The commissioning of your new building starts in the conceptual phase and continues through occupancy to one year post construction. It’s a collaborative effort involving the owner, engineer, contractors and commissioning agent. The process dynamically brings your static building to life – fully meeting your specified requirements and functional/operational needs.

Achieving, Verifying, Documenting

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of environmental systems, MacMiller is qualified to commission highly sophisticated buildings. A Commissioning Agent from our Building Commissioning Department follows the progression of your project – with a comprehensive checkout of the mechanical system from concept to occupancy, a review of conceptual and actual designs, verification of proper installation, and functional testing of the complete system.

Comprehensive Commissioning

The commissioning process encompasses and coordinates the traditionally separate functions of system documentation, equipment start-up, control system verification, calibration testing and balancing, performance testing, and training. Weekly commissioning coordination meetings, led by your MacMiller Commissioning agent, ensure that the owner’s representative, general contractor, and all trade subcontractors are working together to deliver a building that performs optimally.

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Over time your building may undergo changes, such as tenant improvements or mechanical upgrades. By improving and sustaining your building's systems, you can expect energy savings of 10 to 30% while improving building performance.

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