What is the new Clean BuildingS Standard?

In 2019 Washington statute RCW 19.27A.200 (aka House Bill 1257) established the state’s energy performance standard for commercial buildings 50,000 square feet and larger. In order to meet the standard, all building owners must benchmark their buildings using Energy Star Portfolio Manager and meet their Energy Use Intensity (EUI) target.

Why partner with MacDonald-Miller as your Building Performance Contractor? We work with building owners to provide cost-effective energy saving solutions. We can help develop energy management plans, including creating energy benchmarking reports so you can feel confident meeting the new performance requirements and comfortable in your new Clean Building.

STEPS to success

  1. Select MacDonald-Miller as your Energy Performance Partner.
  2. Benchmark your building using Energy Star Portfolio Manager.
  3. Compare current Energy Use Intensity (EUI) with mandated Clean Buildings Standard for your building.
  4. Conduct a Preliminary Scoping Assessment to inform energy efficiency plan.
  5. Validate outcomes over a12-month continuous timeframe.

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“MacDonald-Miller and Swedish began our initiative years ago to modernize our approach to Facilities Management, which included advanced fault detection, smart energy analytics and operational sustainability. Through this collaboration, we have achieved significant EUI improvements, utility savings and pivoted to a more predictive model for our preventative maintenance program; compliance with Seattle energy code requirements as well as the Clean Buildings Act have been another positive result of this work. MacDonald-Miller is now partnering with us at every Swedish Hospital and continues to support our commitment to environmental stewardship”. – Andrew Davis, Executive Director of Physical Environment, Swedish

Have You Benchmarked Your Building?

Energy Star Portfolio Manager is the mandated EUI reporting tool for all buildings. Get started by creating a site ID or by sharing an existing ID with your MacMiller Clean Team.

Now is the time to have a conversation about the future of your commercial space. Let us help get the conversation started by benchmarking your building using Energy Star Portfolio Manager!

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