Expect Comfort

Expect Clarity

Expect Efficiency

Expect Comfort.

Using smart mechanical tools to monitor your equipment, we create a comfort score to guide our peak performance tasking and preventative maintenance. We are here to bring the best out of your building.

Expect Clarity.

Your Smart Building health report shows a clear picture of what is working correctly and alerts you when there is a critical fault. Having visibility helps you prioritize so you and your team are working smarter, not harder.

Expect Efficiency.

With our smart building approach, problems are diagnosed faster, solutions can be made remotely, and energy can be put back into making your business better.






MacDonald-Miller & Swedish Medical Center were awarded the U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings Initiative Smart Energy Project Award for New Installation of FDD in the Healthcare category. MacDonald-Miller provides management-level reporting dashboard of fault rates, total fault cost waste, and opportunities. The partnership connects 15 buildings totaling 2.5 million square feet and is expected to reduce the energy consumption by over 15%.


“Partnering with MacDonald-Miller has been the right choice. They have proven expertise installing analytical software while integrating our systems. Their ability to respond to help manage the fault resolution process, while training our staff on use of the system so we can manage it in-house has built trust along with a strong partner to meet our energy initiative goals.” – Dan Stokes, CHOP, Facilities Manager, Swedish Medical Center

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