A few weeks ago, I began writing my Perspective message about our robust NW economy and some of the exciting projects and initiatives we have to look forward to in 2020.

Then the Coronavirus became real for us in Seattle.

Curveballs can come in many ways in business and in life. An election year brings economic sensitivity, a virus causes global supply chain interruptions, or unusual weather events present challenges. All of these scenarios require agility in our business.

In times like these it’s even more apparent that our MacMiller community is the foundation that us MacMillians build our lives around. Together, we create a great company that can weather these choppy seas, and hit a curveball out of the park. In fact, at this moment, our Health Care Team is working closely with several hospitals to create the needed HVAC systems to create more isolation rooms for infection control.

COVID-19 is a challenge like we have not seen in modern times. It will require new strategies and adaptation, but we can do this. Stay safe and positive, and we will win!

– Gus Simonds, President

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