Energy efficiency can only be achieved when approached as a partnership.

This is why we work closely with owners, designers, and system operators to develop building automation concepts to achieve energy management goals. In the end, the result is a safe and healthy environment for the building’s occupants, as well as overall sustainability, excellent indoor air quality, and improved operations of existing and new facilities. This is energy well spent, and well saved.

Energy efficiency improvements support the MacDonald-Miller overall mission of making buildings work better. This may entail performing preliminary and investment grade audits, system retrofits, writing sequences of operations, programming control systems, air/hydronic balancing, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, systems commissioning or performance management and verification. We’ll do whatever it takes to make a difference in energy savings.

Knowledge is power. Literally.

We specialize in big data analytics so our customers can utilize dashboards to monitor their building systems in real time, build better business plans for future capital improvements, and, through Automated Fault Detection Diagnostics (AFDD), shift their maintenance staff’s tasks from reactive to proactive. By consistently investing in technology – and in experts to manage it – we’re continually creating cost-effective energy savings strategies.

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MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions is a trusted ESCO in the Pacific Northwest and is pre-qualified in Washington & Oregon.

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Building Performance Analysis (BPA)

Our Building Performance Analysis (BPA) is an invaluable tool that measures, compares and actively manages energy and operating costs. The BPA serves as an expert eye and a reporting tool to help implement an energy performance plan that reduces consumption.

Following a BPA to review your building’s current energy usage, we can implement a custom audit that illustrates how savings can be realized by making improvements to your systems, procedures and behaviors. The audit includes the estimated cost as well as the financial justification to achieve those savings. It’s this type of insight that’ll really shed light on your energy situation.

Energy-Star & Portfolio Management

Energy Star was created by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to track and certify the efficiency of energy consuming products and buildings.

The EPA created Portfolio Manager as a tool that commercial building owners and managers can use to benchmark their performance. Buildings are given a score based on the energy use intensity or EUI per square foot in comparison to other buildings of the same use type.

And we’re here to help you get started. MacDonald-Miller’s team of energy experts can partner with your building management staff to set up your account today.

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Energy Star Certifications

Is your building a star performer? Buildings with an Energy Star Score of 75 or higher are eligible to apply for an Energy Star Certification, which tells your occupants that you care about energy conservation and your bottom line.

If you’re not quite there yet, one of our Certified Energy Managers (CEM) will be happy to help make it happen.

Benchmarking Compliance

Cities across the nation are implementing ordinances that require commercial buildings to report their energy usage through Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

MacDonald-Miller helps over 100 buildings in Seattle comply with annual reporting requirements and is currently engaging customers in Portland to prepare for the new local ordinance.

Energy Monitoring Software

Continuous Commissioning

Once inefficient systems are improved, it’s important to maintain a level of savings. We offer a family of web-based solutions that measure and verify your system’s performance. With experienced performance engineers overseeing your system, you can continue saving money—year after year.

Advanced Visualization & Reporting

Ahh, the digital age. We enable you to view and manage building operations using a desktop, Web browser, kiosk, signage, mobile phone or with Windows SharePoint®; easily create and deliver dazzling real-time collaboration portals and execution dashboards with 2D and 3D rich animated graphics, trends and alarm/event summaries and grids; and integrate information from building controls with Esri, Google, and Bing® Maps into a GEO-Facility and create a one-click operations interface with any location.

Fault Detection Improves Maintenance

Real-time fault detection and diagnostics is an automated continuous commissioning process of your building systems. Areas of greatest waste are identified in real-time and prioritized based on the financial importance to your organization. It works by predicting equipment faults and looking for energy or reliability offenders before they occur. Automated rules will analyze the sensor readings and provide a list of probable causes of failure and guidance to the first responder on how best to resolve the fault.

If you’re not quite there yet, one of our Certified Energy Managers (CEM) will be happy to help make it happen.

Energy Management Sustainability

MacDonald-Miller implements energy management software for continuous commissioning performance, energy management and building automation. Our products help collect, record, visualize and provide analytics for any facility. These solutions provide rich visualization dashboards and the reporting needed to assist in making decisions to reduce energy cost and improve overall sustainability.

Extended equipment life

System tune-ups extend equipment life and improve reliability.

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