Taking a smarter approach to buildings

As your full-service building partner, MacDonald-Miller is here to provide a smarter approach to traditional HVAC service and maintenance. Using the best mechanical technology paired with over 50 years of industry expertise, we are able to create a more cost-effective maintenance plan based on need.

Our Smart Building Service blends a predictive HVAC maintenance approach with innovative technology solutions. Using smart tools, we connect you with your building’s data in a simple, meaningful, and actionable way. We are here to make building occupants comfortable, minimize inconvenient equipment repairs, and lower utility costs.

A Building with Benefits

Comfort Scoring

We create a scoring system to help you understand the lifecycle of your equipment and prioritize your critical areas of service.

Equipment Monitoring

With our smart building approach, problems are diagnosed faster and solutions can be provided remotely.

Building Reporting

A service summary report with MacLens visibility provides a clear picture of your maintenance plan.

Award Winning Service

MacDonald-Miller was awarded New Installation of a Fault Detection and Diagnostics System by Smart Energy Analytics Campaign for our project with Swedish Medical Center in 2019.

We were able to deploy technicians on-site with wearable technology and real-time photos and video diagnostics in order to address faults. "When a fault comes up, the technicians are provided prioritized areas they need to focus on. This reduces their troubleshooting time so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel." - Ruben Cañas, Vice President of Healthcare Construction

Get a building with benefits

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We make buildings work better.