Putting the Care in Healthcare.

“With a dedicated healthcare team supporting over seven million square feet of acute care hospitals across the Puget Sound, we are proud to perform our small part for COVID-19 solutions that have been instrumental in keeping staff and patients safe during the pandemic. MacDonald-Miller proactively joined the early COVID-19 fight with our front-line customers in preparing their facilities for critical care.

Working shoulder to shoulder with facility teams, our healthcare group utilized existing building mechanical systems to posture 250+ patient rooms negative and verify ACH and differential pressure as dictated through ASHE, CDC and WHO best practices. In many locations, we were able to leverage our Smart Buildings Solutions analytics platform, ICONICS, to support real-time monitoring that could be interfaced from any hand-held device. This is especially important for effectively and confidently communicating real data during an ever-changing situation within a large organization, whose team members are split between COVID-19 operations and continuing to manage the facility as a whole.

Understanding the challenges facility work creates to hospital operations, MacDonald-Miller knowingly approaches all work with a “guest in the house” mentality, working tirelessly to reduce impacts through off-hours shifts, coordinated execution at the facility and patient floor levels, and fluid delivery where our team could be re-tasked should rooms become available for COVID-19 mechanical system adjustments. This support is an on-going effort that will continue throughout the course of the pandemic.

While society is doing its best to social distance, the dedicated field engineers at local hospitals in conjunction with our crews behind the scenes, are working to ensure uninterrupted care for those affected by the Pandemic. A big shout-out to our team led by Breanna Langston and Oleg Stepanyuk for leading the way as MacDonald-Miller supports the front-line fight against COVID-19.”

– Ruben Cañas, Director of Healthcare Construction

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