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MacDonald-Miller can design and build complete boiler rooms from scratch. We offer the customer the best solutions possible with today’s technology. We have the depth of experience to be able to provide a full-service solution to the boiler house because we have full-time pipefitters, sheet metal workers, and boiler specialists who think outside the box. Let us take care of Maintenance, Emergency Service, Repairs and Energy Savings!

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We are proud to be named the authorized partner for Autoflame & Limpsfield.  As a factory Tech Center, our industrial boiler team receives annual factory training and are ready to help with any boiler and boiler controls services you may need. From basic burner management to sophisticated emissions control and completely automated boiler plants, we are ready to meet your current and future needs.

Boiler Specialist

Full Service

    • Boiler Specialists
    • Certified Trained Technicians
    • Quick Response 24/7
    • Boiler Repairs & Service
    • Burners & Control System Repair and Replacement
    • Controls Safety Device Testing (CSD-1)
    • Annual Insurance Inspections
    • Combustion Analysis & Adjustments
    • New & Used Equipment Installations
    • Pumps & Piping Systems – Steam, Fuel, Water
    • Deaerators, Feedtanks, & Economizers
    • Retubing & Refractory Repairs
    • Low & Ultra Low Nox Control Systems
    • Custom Design Solutions

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Project Highlights

Seattle Sheraton Boiler

Seattle Sheraton Boiler Retrofit

This premiere Seattle hotel was concerned with their boilers cycling off/on, which was causing temperature fluctuations and decreased efficiency. Their ultimate goal was to increase the efficiency of the boiler plant and bolster energy/utility savings.


The PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend boiler project consists of retrofitting two 800HP Superior Boilers and installing a third new 800HP Hurst boiler. We are installing state-of-the-art Limpsfield burners that are guaranteed to operate at 3% O2 emissions (15% excess air).


Hampton Lumber Mill

Our team worked with the Energy Trust of Oregon to calculate savings, resulting in a 70% subsidy of the project by the energy trust.

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