It’s not just a price, it’s a partnership. From the first conceptual layout to the final construction documents, MacDonald-Miller’s estimating team identifies our partners’ needs and translates that knowledge into an accurate representation of the project’s mechanical costs.

The tools at our disposal, complemented by our meticulous approach, enable our team to leverage assets developed from engineering, estimating, detailing and fabrication models. The entire MacMiller team uniquely works from the same modeling database. Thus, once modeling is complete our estimating team can provide accurate pricing by creating precise material lists and labor hours based on the actual system installation by just clicking a few buttons. Our lean mindset and approach is driven into everything we do.

And, as is inherent to the MacMiller culture, we put great thought into this task. Identifying risks and opportunities at every step in the pre-construction process is our standard of care. Producing timely, realistic budgets that have been rigorously thought through allows the project team to make informed decisions throughout the entire design and pre-construction process. In our estimation, we’re the best in the business.

A process means nothing without the people.

The MacMiller estimating team is a seasoned group of professionals on the cutting edge of the best industry practices. The level of personal investment in our work goes beyond commitment, its devotion.

Innovative estimating, project to project.

At MacDonald Miller, every project we take on is unique and requires an individualized approach. Our estimating team utilizes a variety of tools throughout our estimating process – tools that can be used on their own, or in conjunction with each other in a blended approach. Any approach we use serves to provide the best balance of time, accuracy, and comprehensiveness to meet the project needs.


For quick-turn conceptual budgets, our team utilizes QuickEST, a program developed at MacMiller. Created from a foundation of our design standards and engineering data, the QuickEST estimating tool defines the mechanical and plumbing scope budgets using information ranging from simple programming data to schematic design level narratives. From the first ‘what if’ phone call with our industry partners we can produce a fully populated estimate complete with equipment, materials, and labor crafted to that specific project.


MacPIPE is a plumbing and piping take-off focused, MacDonald-Miller developed estimating tool that supports sales, project management and estimating in preparing pricing for manageable scopes of work. It includes thousands of products ranging across dozens of materials, all fully integrated with our AutoDesk Fabrication ESTmep software package to ensure quality and consistency throughout our process.


MacDUCT is the MacMiller developed sheet metal sibling to MacPIPE. This tool supports the sheet metal estimating needs for sales, project management and estimating in preparing pricing for manageable scopes of work. The software includes the full suite of MacMiller design standards and SMACNA labor tables to produce comprehensive and accurate estimates for shop fabrication, field labor, and material costs.

AutoDesk Fabrication ESTmep

Using AutoDesk Fabrication ESTmep MacMiller builds on the project ‘intelligence’ created in the design development stages of a project, continually refining the systems at each step towards construction. We have one database, the AutoDesk platform portfolio, which has been integrated across engineering, estimating, detailing, fabrication, and even REVIT. This database seamlessly unites the MEP systems and ensures a common ground for collaboration and sharing of data; saving time, and helping to produce the best estimates technologically possible.

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