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We know that owners, tenants, and property managers often have exceptional needs. Our Service Special Projects team is specifically designed to serve the end-users, embrace every facet of those needs and craft efficient, creative solutions. Because we take on a wide range of projects – from the unique to the complex to the unexpected, our relationships with our customers are built on trust. Whether it’s a demanding schedule on a weekend or a unique permitting situation, we’ve tackled it before and we can do it for you.

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Project Highlights

USS Frank Cable

200-Ton Centrifugal A/C Plants Replacement of 1,100 copper nickel tubes in condenser bundles, Acid cleaning and pressure washing and dehydrating inside of three evaporators and condensers, Rebuilding of two 200-ton centrifugal compressors, Rebuilding of two 400 hpelectric motors, Rebuilding of seawater regulating valves & actuators, Welding on vessels where acid found corrosion, Cleaning of 2600# of R-236FA refrigerant to like-new state.

Emerald Services Brighton Facility

The Emerald Services Brighton Facility, owned by Safety Clean and Clean Harbors, hired MacDonald-Miller to transform a decommissioned oil storage facility into an oil recycling hub. Using 8 existing gear reduction pumps, railcars bring oil into the farm, filling the 10,000 gallon tanks. Valving then shifts pumping the oil from the tanks through filter assemblies, regulators, metering stations and to trucks that can deliver the product or to metering stations that can fill 55 gallon barrels.

Boeing – Air Manifold

MacDonald-Miller recently refurbished two fuselage air manifolds for The Boeing Company. The existing refurbished manifolds provide full scale fatigue testing for Boeing’s 777-200 and 787-8 line of aircraft manufactured in Washington State. Each manifold supplies pressured air to aircraft fuselage that goes through a pressurization / depressurization cycle once per flight. The air will be cycled at least three times the number of cycles an airframe will normally be subject to during its designed service life.


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