2021 Perspecive

Q&A with CEO, Gus Simonds

Q » Considering the unprecedented global changes in the past year, what could the future of construction look like?
A » While there will never be a substitute for hands on craftsmanship to build a building, the pandemic accelerated many of the innovations in construction that were already gaining traction. Most notably, increased prefabrication/off-site work in controlled environments, as well as real time mobile/off-site communication processes around a shared BIM design and shared project management platforms.

Q » What characteristics do you see in companies that have thrived and grown during the past year?
A » Agility. And the courage to challenge old paradigms both on how we show up for work and what customers value.

Q » How do values show up in company cultures? Especially if the majority workforce is remote or on jobsites?
A » Values are something that we all carry within us no matter where we are. They, in their essence, are the way we treat each other – for us, emphasizing honesty and integrity with each other, our clients and stakeholders. Whether face-to-face or remote, those attributes matter in a person and are obvious when they are missing. Our MacMiller community is a relentless protector of our culture.

Q » What MacMiller offerings are you most excited to talk about with customers?
A » Bringing our full range of services to the Inland Northwest.  » Helping our customers navigate the WA Clean Buildings Law. Making it a benefit for them rather than a burden.  » Our awesome Engineering, BIM, Prefabrication process that culminates in our fantastic, clean and efficient shop. I love taking clients there.

Q » What advice would you give business owners?
A » Can’t hang on to the past – and even if you are a fast follower, which sounds prudent, you won’t ever be a leader. Get out in front!

Q » What advice would you give someone beginning a new career?
A » Patience, curiosity, and focus. It’s a long race. It’s not how you start but how you finish that matters.

Q » What makes you excited for the future?
A » The deep bench of talent that makes up MacMiller. I see a long future of our company continuing to be a respected and sought after leader in our industry for decades to come. We’re bringing it every day – look out!

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