Heads up, we need some space!

:+: By Michael Weber

To support ongoing large and complex projects, MacDonald-Miller has been pushing to shift much of our work into our fabrication shop to maximize schedule flexibility, safety, and cost savings for our general contractor and developer partners. We have seen success on past projects utilizing this approach to adhere to our client’s project schedule and reduce costs by leveraging the ability of our detailing and shop fabrication teams. As our modular assemblies have continued to grow with the scale of our projects, our fabrication capabilities needed to grow accordingly.

To accommodate this need, MacMiller relocated our receiving warehouse from our Norfolk Shop to a new facility in Kent to utilize the existing shop space for the installation of a new 15-ton overhead bridge crane adjacent to the existing pipe fitting and sheet metal assembly area. This project required significant structural upgrades to support the expansion – this included 70 helical piles, new concrete foundations, removing structural columns, and adding new steel columns and beams to create an open working space. In addition to the crane, a new drive ramp and overhead door were installed to allow freight vehicles to drive right into the shop for loading of modular skids from the crane. This allows for safer and faster material handling than ever before. Our Piping Fab Shop General Foreman Dan Kachmer shared, “This fab shop expansion and new crane gives us the much needed space and resources to execute our work more efficiently than we ever have before.” These upgrades will allow us to better serve our clients in both cost and time savings and provide us the ability to produce larger and more complex modular systems!

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