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Special Projects is crushing it with their new customer Crown Cork & Seal, a can manufacturing plant in Olympia, WA. The plant originally opened for business in 1959 making beer cans for the Olympia Brewing Company. The plant has only incurred two significant upgrades in the 62 years it has been open: doubling the size of the original manufacturing area in 1966 and an upgrade in 1994 that focused on equipment upgrades to produce more in a 2-line operation than the older 3-line operation. As the demand for aluminum beverage cans has grown significantly, Crown decided to add an entirely new production line to be complete by third quarter of 2021.

In need of some custom flues and exhaust stacks, Crown began looking for help. The company was having a difficult time finding the right contractor that could fabricate the huge sizes that they needed. Crown Cork & Seal found MacDonald-Miller online and is finally getting the much-needed upgrades taken care of.


  • It is certainly one of the loudest facilities we have worked in with cans circulating
    on conveyor belts, covers and caps being snapped on at the decorator ovens.
  • The project manager for Crown is based out of the United Kingdom. This could be
    challenging if you do not know what gaffer tape is!
  • All dimensions are in metric.
  • The diameter of the stacks range from 10″-33″ made from either stainless steel,
    painted carbon steel, or galvanized – welded or spiral wound and are anywhere
    between 30-40 ft high depending on the piece of equipment they are connected to.


  • Our Fabrication Shop crew who has been working on all this specialty duct.
  • We would not have been as successful as we were on this project if it were not
    for Linda Bucher, our senior estimator, who tackled the unusual project scope
    with precision.
  • Other partners who really stepped up and who were great to work with include
    Snell Crane, Hudson Bay Insulators, and Baxter Air Engineering.

The relationship with Crown has led to more sheet metal work for Tougher Sheet & Steel out of Allentown, PA, and Rognlin’s Inc. out of Aberdeen, WA.

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