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“It is late and it’s been a long day, but I want to give you a shout to let you know how pleased I am with this project. Dan Hayes and Shain Weaver have been more than wonderful to work with. They have both been very professional, knowledgeable and on top of this project. I cannot be more pleased with how things have gone. Thanks for sending them and please share these kind words with their supervisor(s). They have uncovered a lot of information that will be useful to everyone as the years go on.”

Kay Rokusek / Hotel 1000

“As Impact Washington has begun to exhaust avenues to make Washington based manufacturing businesses more competitive, the SNOPUD Program addresses one of the last avenues for them to help their constituency reduce cost and be more competitive. Specifically, in the energy efficiency space “lack of capital” and “inability to measure/quantify savings” have been a major roadblock to implementing more EE measures within their membership. This program addresses both of those issues.”

Loren Lyon President / Impact Washington

“Since I started working at Green House Data, Steve Polkinghorn has been our go-to guy when problems arise in our Bellingham data center. I would not want anybody else working on my equipment. He knows how everything runs and is spot on when fixing issues. He has a great work ethic and I enjoy working with him. When questions come up, he always gets us going in the right direction. When we do maintenance he understands that heat is an issue in this data center. He works quickly, but very professionally and does a perfect job. Keep sending him up here!”

Josh Clark / Green House Data

“You all have really thought through all the details – kudos to SnoPUD and team! The program is enabling SNBL to address many of our aging infrastructure needs without compromising our working capital. We are getting this work done as a program instead of many small projects over multiple years. In fact, the lighting improvements to LED would have never been funded.”

Ron Wren Director of Facilities & Cost Reduction / SNBL

“I just wanted to extend my sincerest thanks to everyone on our (Seattle Genetics B1 Lab Renovation) team for making this weekend successful and productive. The professionalism and teamwork I witnessed today was second to none, and I was genuinely proud to be a part of it. We all worked together to formulate a strong plan, and we executed it flawlessly.”

Drew Carlson Superintendent / Lease Crutcher Lewis

“CDi is currently working on the Performing Arts Center Eastside project and MacDonald-Miller was asked by Sellen to come on board to provide early pricing and constructionability services. In the value engineering process that followed the schematic estimate, MacDonald-Miller and CDi chose to work collaboratively, instead of independently, on identifying potential mechanical cost reductions. This process proved to work very well.”

Norman J. Brown, PE Principal / CDi Engineers, Lynnwood

“I want to send a note of appreciation to both Scott Gideon and Bill Kegley. Last week our boiler failed and after hours of troubleshooting by the local OEM dealer, their technician was unable to fix the issue and the boiler was left down overnight, causing a huge coffee loss due to expiration. The next morning, I informed Scott about the situation and he did not hesitate to adjust his work schedule to provide us with technical support. A few hours later, he and Bill arrived at the plant and took care of the boiler issue. We were back up and running in less than an hour, which helped save thousands of pounds of coffee that were about to expire. We want to not only acknowledge Scott and Bill’s technical expertise in the field, but also recognize their professionalism.”

Luis Leon / Starbucks Roasting Plant

“You have addressed all the triple net lease challenges. Kudos to SnoPUD and the MacMiller team for figuring out how to overcome this real investment challenge in the commercial real estate industry. It appears you have addressed all the typical barriers.”

Joe Malaspino Director of Engineering / Kidder Mathews

“I own a childcare center that can get up to 100 kids and 25 employees. On Saturday, our AC Unit went out and it was starting to get pretty hot. I called Sunday and asked if someone could come out first thing Monday morning. On Monday, when I called at 7:30 AM, I spoke to Jennifer Christianson (who also took my call and helped me on Sunday), and she said she could have someone out in 30 minutes. Well, 15 minutes later the technician Mack McClinton arrived and got the problem fixed quickly. If our center gets over 82° we have to shut down, and it was starting to get hot that morning, but it didn’t get to that point because of you guys! In a time when some vendors don’t communicate or sometimes don’t even show up, I really appreciate the responsiveness and communication. Thank you!”

Cory Ginsberg Owner / Adventure Kids (Wallace Properties)

“We had an emergency repair to do here at PACCAR for one of our tenants.  They had a makeshift server room over temping.  We contacted MacMiller and you sent out a wonderful tech named Pranil Prasad.  He not only got disrupted in his sleep to come out on the call but had everything working within a few minutes.  As soon as he had this repair done I invited him over to a large HVAC unit at PACCAR for the Pavilion.  It had been short cycling for some time…and I asked him to look at it.  He did a fantastic job fixing the unit.  Just want to thank Pranil for a job well done.  We hope he comes out on all our troubleshooting problems as he is an excellent tech and it never hurts to let their manager know that.  So thanks.”

Keith Briggs / PACCAR

“I just wanted to let you know that Joel Krueger and Bryan Olson pulled a rabbit out of a hat for us yesterday. We had a drive fail at Merrill that was going to impact a high profile tenant and their board meeting. Joel and Bryan were on site at 4 AM to make sure our RTU was back in operation. Kidder Mathews and our client Hudson Pacific appreciate the effort a great deal.“

Todd Sparrow / Kidder Matthews

“MacDonald-Miller’s performance during the Preconstruction, Design, Permit Application, LEED review, Value Engineering and Construction continues to be exemplary. Their project team is knowledgeable, resourceful and responsive. The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is excellent. The construction schedule was fast paced, and MacDonald-Miller maintained the schedule without any problems.”

Lisa Wright Project Manager / GLY Construction, Bellevue
Kirtley Cole

“The owner was delighted with the finished work and especially appreciated your effort to pull things together and meet a tight schedule for occupancy. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. All parties involved in the construction of the Dr. Amy Norman T.I. had a unique set of challenges, complexities, and details. Your expertise and hard work were a key in achieving such an outstanding final product that we all can be proud of. It is a joy for us to work with such a dedicated and talented team.”

May Visutnavarat Project Engineer / Kirtley-Cole, Everett
WA Patriot

“WA Patriot would like to thank you for your contributions in helping to bring the Boeing 2-25 Density Improvements project to successful completion. Your partnership enabled WA Patriot to effectively lead this project and earn the trust of our client, which was extremely important to us during this – our first – project for Boeing.

Kevin (Anyway), without your support as a key subcontractor, we were able to overcome the many challenges and accomplish our goal of serving a satisfied client with passion, integrity and commitment. Congratulations and many thanks for a job well done!  We look forward to more opportunities to work with MacDonald-Miller in the future!”

Mickey Tragutt / WA Patriot

“It has been my great pleasure to work with the engineering and control group at MacMiller. Over the last two years we have unified our entire portfolio under one unified control system. No small task considering we have a 50 Acre Mall site and over 4,000,000 Square feet of built out space. The buildings are running better than ever!!! Special thanks in no particular order to Pat Hein, Dave Gehman, Michael Coffey also Colby and the gang. Thanks again guys….Keep up the good work!”

Dave Nieman / Kemper Development Company

“Thank you for taking care of our Morrison branch so quickly. You sent the work order on Thursday afternoon, answered my questions Friday morning, ordered parts and had the job done on Monday. We really appreciate the speed with which you resolved our cooling problem.”

Rex Fox / Northwest Community Credit Union

“Count us in once the program is official. We have lots of energy efficiency and end of useful life items on the to do list that this program will help us to accelerate getting done.”

Teague Company Representatives

“I have so much been looking for this type of program. It enables me to present an alternative method of making the needed mechanical and lighting improvement investments in the properties that I am managing. Upgrading the lighting and HVAC system would have been almost impossible to make happen without this program. Are you talking with SCL? I got properties in their territory that are perfect for this type of program. It is about time that a Utility started to think differently.”

Earl Wayman Senior Property Manager / Kidder Mathews

“With regards to MacDonald-Miller’s involvement in our recent project, Verizon Tacoma Switch DDC Monitoring & Interface, I just want to give your team kudos. The team that your project managers assembled for our project were efficient, responsive and professional. In my 15 years as a Superintendent, I’ll say that they are among the ‘best professionals’ and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. Qualified professionals made this project a success because they became integral players in a collaborative process offering brainstorming and viable options to problems as they arose during this complex project.”

Keith Walker Superintendent / Schommer and Sons

“We definitely see value in the SNOPUD Program as a way to conserve our own capital for other traditional Port expansion projects.”

Taylor Nuccitelli Property Manager/Managing Broker / Port of Everett

“A big shout-out to Ruben Canas and his healthcare team who worked on the Virginia Mason project: “VMMC Jones Pavilion Level 3 Surgical Services Suite project has been selected as the WINNER for this year’s AGC Build Washington Awards in the category of TI Projects Over $5 Million. Congratulations to the VM team for their outstanding work!”

Anna Dinh / Turner Construction

“I want to thank MacDonald-Miller and especially Jon Funk for going above and beyond in customer service this week for Inventprise and our staff here. Jon was so patient and friendly when he came in for a quarterly HVAC maintenance at our facility, and we bombarded him with several other issues we were having. He addressed each of these for us and actually fixed one of the things on the spot. We appreciated his calm disposition and we want to give him our kudos. Thanks!”

Paula Allen Erman / Inventprise

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