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We’re here to make your life a lot less hectic, and a lot more productive. As a local HVAC and Mechanical Contractor, MacDonald-Miller is committed to delivering true peace of mind. We perform regular inspections and maintenance of your building systems to ensure a greater level of operational excellence. We test, align, calibrate, and record performance to ensure your building’s equipment quality and reduce downtime or emergencies. When it comes to dedicated HVAC service & maintenance, MacDonald-Miller is unmatched.

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Additional HVAC Service & Maintenance Capabilities

Priority Response

4-Hour Priority Response & 24/7 Service

During the workday, our zone-based teams are nearby to quickly respond to your service needs. On weekends and overnight, we dispatch on-call service technicians to take care of your facility.

Peak Performance Tasking

Peak Performance Tasking

The high efficiency HVAC equipment available today demands the execution of specific preventive maintenance tasks to assure peak performance. Our customized approach assures “factory-new” operation and extended equipment life.

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

Our Account Management team is not comprised of salespeople, but of advocates for your company. Your dedicated Account Manager strives to resolve any issues and develop ideas regarding energy conservation and improved building performance.



Our technicians are deployed with handheld technology that provides instant access to equipment service history, and the ability to email you a summary when work is complete. These technologies are designed to save you time and money and ensure consistent quality.

“We’re on our way”

It's a common statement you’ll hear from MacMiller. Our service teams are organized by geographic zone - so support is always close at hand. Contact the Zone Manager dedicated to serving your area.


Customer Portal

We offer a secure customer portal that allows you to monitor and schedule service, as well as view your equipment list and agreement documents online. Customer Portal Implementation and Training is offered to all customers that are interested in using the Customer Portal.

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Customer Service Program

MacDonald-Miller has developed a unique program to help the Service Department continually evaluate the satisfaction of customers and make ongoing improvements to the level of service provided. Our Customer Experience Commitment encompasses the following elements that help maintain and increase the quality of service delivered by the MacMiller team.

Customer Service Training

An intense platform of training is consistently held with key team members that work in the service department – from the Technicians to the Service Coordinators. Each group is dedicated to learning the intricacies of providing exceptional customer service.

Quality Control Checks

These are performed monthly by the Area Operations Managers to check-in with service technicians on maintenance accounts, view the condition of the equipment and speak to the site contact to ensure everything is up to standard.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

These essential information-gathering tools are sent periodically to customers throughout the year to identify if the service being provided meets and exceeds expectations. In any case where the level of satisfaction is not where it should be, we follow the necessary protocols to resolve any issues that are causing a service failure.

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