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:+ : Q&A with Project Manager, Mary Popplewell

Scope of work: 11 Floors of Tenant Improvement in the recently completed Shell/Core 2 & U project. leased the top 11 floors of the building. Design-Build of complete mechanical and plumbing systems.

Brief description of project: The project is a full build out of the 28th-38th floors, consisting of open office areas, meeting rooms and pantries. The 37th and 38th floors are amenity floors with a full-service kitchen and cafeteria.

What’s most exciting or unique about this project? Aside from spectacular views of Elliott Bay, the mechanical design consists of a chilled beam concept – the first of its kind for a major MacDonald-Miller NC project installation. The chilled beam lengths range from 2’ to 10’ and each floor can have anywhere between 50-60 beams. The team worked with our Fab Shop to repackage the chilled beams for optimal deliveries, minimizing time for delivery and potential damage to the product. The lead time on the beams can range anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks, so the crews were very focused on eliminating damage in transit.

What are you doing to overcome challenges? The MacMiller project team has a diverse construction background and are incredibly talented, allowing us to draw upon our experiences and vet out issues prior to them becoming challenges. The entire project team is housed on one level of the project, fostering an open line of communication between all trades and improving collaboration and workflow for our crews.

Logistics is a huge challenge on this project due to other tenant improvements happening in the building, the downtown Seattle location and your typical building pinch points. We are in constant communication with our detailing team on how to section out the fabrication for the most efficient deliveries. We are also leveraging the relationships with our suppliers to get equipment shipped into location with minimal site impacts.


  • Over 82,000 lbs of sheet metal – that’s the equivalent of 21.61 Chevy Volts
  • Over 30,000 LF of hydronic piping and 11,000 LF of plumbing piping. That’s over 7.7 miles of piping total OR enough to get from the main office halfway to the Fab Shop.

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