An act of preservation

The Everett Museum of History is finally making plans to move into its own building – a 10,000 SF space perfect for exhibits. The building, once home to the Everett Daily Herald until a fire in 1956, has since been utilized as a data center. However, the existing HVAC equipment does not possess the proper humidity control required for the artifacts stored and displayed in the museum.

The directors of the museum worked with MacDonald-Miller to perform a feasibility survey for the HVAC distribution systems, which included existing roof-mounted package air handling units. The renovation plan requires performing replacement of the five existing package air handling units that exceeded life cycle, installation of one new package air handling unit, distribution modifications and installations at the main floor and lower floor levels, and supporting controls with the potential to also perform lighting and electrical modifications as determined.

And while renovations are underway during the next year, MacMiller will perform maintenance, which has already benefitted the museum!

When the Vice-President of the Board, Jim Cuthill, said his thermostat appeared broken, we were on the job to check the system. We discovered that the gas was not turned on from the main valve outside of the building. We turned on the main valve and gas poured out of the valve prompting immediate shut off and a need to remedy the potential gas leak right away. MacMiller technicians were on the site within 24 hours to locate the gas leak.

Having identified a leak in the natural gas piping at the roof level, we investigated the overall integrity of the system and recommended replacement of the riser and penetration at the roof level to include the flashing itself. We found that the leak was caused by deterioration of the piping due to an improper roof flashing application.

“Everyone at MacDonald-Miller has been wonderful to work with! They are prompt, professional, and the work they provide is excellent!” said Jim.

The HVAC systems are critical for the preservation of the historical artifacts, so it’s our job to get everything running perfectly to ensure the preservation of Everett’s history.

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