Congratulations to two of our own! Rory Olson and Mike Kunkel received teaching awards from MCA of Western Washington early this year. Rory Olson, Service Operations Manager, was named 2017 MCAWW Instructor of the Year, and Mike Kunkel, Plumbing Superintendent, was recognized for new program development.

Rory Olson has been involved with the MCA since the beginning of his career. “The educational programs they offered me early in my career were invaluable. I felt it was important to keep that knowledge transfer going to the next group. I am proud to be an instructor for the MCAWW as they set the education bar very high for mechanical contracting associations throughout the country.”

Mike Kunkel notes, “I was recently invited to develop a class with two seasoned instructors at the MCA. Although I have been teaching at the apprenticeship school for 15 years, working with them elevated my skill set of constructing a course to presenting it.”

Rory and Mike, along with other industry teachers, were recognized at the 8th Annual Teacher Awards Breakfast. Thanks goes out to every MacMiller team member who puts in the time and effort to educate industry colleagues, and help raise the bar of knowledge!

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