An On-Demand Solution for Duct Fabrication

Q&A with Bradd Busick (CIO) & Rylan MacCay (Shop Manager)

Q: What is MacDuct?
A: MacDuct is an online ordering system, available on our website, that allows MacDonald-Miller to fulfill duct fabrication orders from customers via any mobile device. It provides an “” experience, including order tracking, history and pickup/delivery for duct, fittings and specialty orders. This offering provides new fabrication customers with an on-demand solution to customize their specific product needs, when and how they want it.

We already efficiently fabricate and assemble all types of custom commercial and marine ductwork and fittings at our 100,000 SF state-of-the-art prefabrication shop. Offering an easy online ordering system that includes delivery services, and short-lead times seemed like the next step for us. We can turn orders around within 24 hours, if needed, so helping clients with emergency items isn’t a problem.

Q: What kind of items can be ordered?
A: We have a lot of quality items available. Online you will be able to find Sheet Metal ductwork like:

  • Rectangular HVAC Duct & Fittings
  • Spiral HVAC Duct & Fittings
  • Grease Duct
  • Stainless Steel Ductwork
  • Specialty Exhaust Systems

Some of our accessories include: Duct Sealant, Sealant Brushes, Screws, Nail in Anchors, Hanger Straps, Paint, Hardware Inserts, Unitstrut and Duct Protection Wrap.

Q: Who is this service available to?
A: This service is available to any mechanical contractor that is approved to order through our simple online system.

Q: Why is this needed?
A: This new capability provides our customer base with an on-demand, easy to use system from any computer or mobile device, without having to call someone, or compile an order via email. It’s that easy!

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