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At MacDonald-Miller we work together as a team to provide our customers with extraordinary services and care. One of our clients maintains a Chilled Water Plant that is vital to our city’s power grid. When our team consulted with this client, we identified an opportunity to improve system performance, longevity, and energy savings by upgrading the controls of their main chiller. MacMiller’s UL Panel Shop was able to produce panels in-house with extremely short notice and meet our client’s expectations!

This chiller controls retrofit project had the potential to make a statement with this high-profile customer, which was a new MacMiller relationship. From the onset, it was crucial for this job to be both special and memorable for this organization.

During the bid and pre-planning timeframe, the operations team encountered significant challenges – technically, and personnel wise. This caused a significant detail to stay below the radar until very close to the actual work kick off. As you can imagine, in the context of the magnitude of this work, we were presented with a task from which it would be difficult to recover.

The level of detail and workmanship needed, along with the sensitivity of a very compressed schedule, went beyond any expectations we had. Yet, knowing that we have a superior Panel Shop in house is reassuring to all our internal and external customers. In this case, the customer understood the problem and was appreciative of MacMiller doing the right thing, the right way.

This has led to complete trust in our work, to the point where MacMiller has been awarded the controls upgrades for the remaining two chillers on their site – a project slated to be completed in 2020.

“I’d like to recognize MacMiller’s Panel Shop for the outstanding work and attention to detail relating to the MCS / Chiller 1 retrofit that is currently underway. This was an extremely short notice and quick turn, and the work received far exceeded our expectations. Thank you to all involved with making this project come together. Some names associated with this work are: Greg Sukraw, Brian Lyne, Herb Kimura, Clayton Parker, Wes Foley, Ed Adams, Randy Howden, and Andrew Hollenbeck.” — John VanCamp, Oregon Operation Manager

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