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Each quarter, MacDonald-Miller recognizes the top Service Promoters from each zone out of our talented pool of service technicians. At the end of each year, one is recognized as Promoter of The Year. In 2019, that service technician was Brendon Thorstad, serving our North Sound customer base! Brendon was presented the highly coveted “Promoter of the Year” award at the most recent Zone 4 Technician Appreciation Event.

Brendon doesn’t aspire to be a Top Service Promoter so he can walk away with a plastic, golden chalice. He thrives off maintaining positive customer relationships, solving their problems, and helping them plan for their equipment and building’s future. Technicians like Brendon are trusted advocates that treat each customer as their business partner, and each building as their own.

What makes a top Service Promoter? A top Service Promoter is not only the person you trust to walk into your building and make it work better, it is going above and beyond to make quality recommendations that allow customers to better track and manage their assets. These individuals do this by performing thorough maintenances to identify potential issues before they become catastrophic failures. And, most importantly, communicating clearly with our customers so they can make an educated decision. They identify when equipment has reached the end of its useful life and ensure that the customer can access this information any time via call summary reports and MacLens footage. We are who we are because of these top Service Promoters, quarter after quarter, and year after year.

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