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:+ :Shop Highlight with Rylan MacCay, Operations Manager

Quality assurance and quality control are often used interchangeably. Can you explain the difference?
A: Quality assurance is taking proactive measures to reduce defects and deliver a high quality product. Quality control is the process of identifying defects, performing inspections and measuring our quality.

Q: Why are these programs important at MacDonald-Miller?
A: One of our core values is to execute with distinction. Delivering a quality product, system and service to our customers is an integral part of how we do this. It’s important from a financial perspective as well. Resolving a defect in the field can take just a couple of minutes if identified at the right time; if not, a defective installation can cost thousands to repair if the work has been covered or the building is occupied.

Q: What do we measure and track in our prefabrication shop?
A: In our Sheet Metal Shop we’ve implemented several quality assurance and quality control measures. Every morning, the entire shop meets for a few minutes to discuss any defects from the previous day and how to prevent them. Prior to fabrication, our inputters double-check their work to make sure the order is correct and our shop foreman, Martha Holly, performs random checks to confirm accuracy. On the shop floor, every piece of fabrication is double-checked and initialed on the label to confirm the correct dimensions, connectors, and that all steps are complete. Our shop leads also execute random weekly quality control inspections to measure our defect percentage. Any defects identified are logged, and the shop leadership team meets bi-weekly to review the defects, identify the root cause, and prioritize solutions to proactively ensure they aren’t repeated.

Q: How does having a continuous process for improvement help employee morale?
A: Our employees pride themselves on delivering a quality product. We stress to our employees that safety and quality come before production speed. This approach helps us recruit quality talent, because they know when they work at MacMiller, we want it to be done right and we never cut corners.

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