MacDonald-Miller wins the AGC Safety Excellence Award

for the 7th year in a row!


AGC’s Build Washington Awards celebrates the outstanding projects and safety programs in our community. AGC recognizes members who are setting the standards of excellence in the construction industry.

MacDonald-Miller is proud to be awarded the winner of the AGC Build Washington Award for Safety Excellence Award for Specialty Contractor Over 1 Million Worker Hours for the 7th year in a row! Our ongoing training, education and personal disciplines have created the environment of safety excellence we experience at MacDonald-Miller.

All MacMiller employees not only have the authority to stop unsafe work, but we also all have the responsibility to stop unsafe work. Nothing is more important than ensuring every employee goes home each and every day. I encourage everyone to use the standard of, ‘If a job or site is not safe enough for one of your loved ones, then we need to make it safe enough so that you would be comfortable with your loved one doing said work.’

– Lee Pyfrom, Safety Director

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