Construction Inclusion Week

construction diversity and inclusion

“We’ve been hearing a lot recently about ‘Inclusion’, specifically as it relates to our industry. It has been a bigger conversation at MacDonald-Miller for the better part of the last two year, which is why I’m encouraged to see it showing up as the inaugural Construction Inclusion Week, supported by a group of GCs (Mortenson, Clark, McCarthy, Turner, DPR, Gilbane), who in 2020 created a consortium titled Time for Change, with a single purpose: identifying ways to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in construction.

Each day this week there are different topics. The topic themes support the continued commitment to construction diversity and inclusion. I encourage you to visit the site for webinar courses and other resources:

Topics include: 

  • Leadership Commitment & Accountability
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Jobsite Culture
  • Community Engagement

Our MacMiller Leadership Team has been listening, learning, and reflecting upon how we show up in our company and communities. I am proud of the work of all of us, and of the company’s first ever MM Inclusion Council we launched in June 2020. The Inclusion Council provides us with accountability to our values. It is the responsibility of each of us individually to lead the way to real and lasting change. This past year the MacDonald-Miller Inclusion Council has been hard at work. They have developed and implemented strategies to meet our established initiatives. These plans will build on our existing culture, expand our practices and engagement efforts to foster a diverse talent base. 

We hope these initiatives add value to the work lives of our employees, and we hope it acts as a catalyst for engaging with our community. We are committed to building a truly inclusive culture where equitable pathways are paved and a sense of belonging thrives for all, standing together as one MacMiller.” 

Gus Simonds, CEO

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