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We really enjoy what we do.

At MacDonald-Miller, we make buildings work better. Period.

We are a full-service, design-build mechanical contractor in the Pacific Northwest. With over 1,000 talented professionals, 11 locations, and our own prefabrication shop, no project is too big or too small. We’ve helped shape the local landscape for over half a century with buildings that operate in the most efficient manner possible. We like to think we’re saving the planet one building at a time.

Facility managers, owners, and tenants can all rest assured that our experience as industry leaders lends itself well to tackling the complexities of their industries--healthcare, biotech/labs, industrial, marine construction, commercial office buildings, and residential projects. We’ve done it all. And if we have our way, we’ll keep doing it for the next 50 years.


We are proud to be part of MacDonald-Miller.

We actively seek to build relationships and know each other as individuals. Together we create an environment that is welcoming, caring and trusting.

“Community to me is helping co-workers by sharing both your failures and successes to help build a stronger team. I see this in the works every day at MacMiller”

Marco Guizar, Eastside Service Technician

Safety is not optional

MacDonald-Miller’s ongoing focus on safety emphasizes training, education, and personal discipline. With more than three hundred OSHA 30 graduates on staff and two OSHA 30 classes taught each year, our team is constantly improving its ability to recognize and avoid hazards on the job.

Our current EMR is 0.2600 – one of the lowest for mechanical contractors in the Washington State Fund.

Our safety policy matches an enterprise of our size with over 1,000 employees. It is available to all field hands via our computer network, CDs and in printout form. Each job has a site-specific safety program developed by our Safety Director and implemented by the field foreman and managers. A site safety person is designated at the start of each project from our OSHA 30 graduates. Our Safety Director also regularly performs on-the-spot safety inspections to review site conditions and practices.

We do incident reviews with panel discussions for upper management of selected incidents to emphasize the seriousness of any mishaps.

Always alert

  • Site safety meetings are held weekly with all employees and subcontractors.
  • Site safety inspections/audits are performed weekly.
  • MacDonald-Miller is a drug-free workplace.

A sampling of MacMiller training programs include:

  • Safety paperwork for foremen
  • New field employee safety orientation
  • Fall protection
  • Confined space entry
  • Respirators
  • Ladder safety
  • Lock out
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Infection controls

Safety Awards

  • AGC Safety Excellence Award 2022
  • NECA Safety Excellence Award 2021
  • AGC Safety Excellence Award 2021
  • AGC Safety Excellence Award 2020
  • AGC Safety Excellence Award 2019
  • NECA Safety Excellence Award 2018
  • AGC Safety Excellence Award 2018
  • AGC Safety Excellence Award 2017
  • AGC Safety Excellence Award 2016
  • AGC Safety Award Subcontractor Over 1.5 Million Hours 2016
  • AGC Safety Excellence Award 2015
  • MCAA Safety Excellence Award 2015
  • MCA Safety Excellence Award 2014
  • National Association of Women in Construction Region 9 Safety Award 2014
  • Occupational Medicine Forum Superior Safety Award 2014
  • AGC, Safety Award Top Performer for Safety & Claims Management 2014
  • MCA Safety Excellence Award 2013
  • MCA Safety Excellence Award 2012
  • MCA Safety Excellence Award 2011

MacMiller Leadership

Our Culture

At MacDonald-Miller, it’s personal.



On this special holiday, we honor those who have served our country. MacDonald-Miller is proud to have a workforce made up of approximately 17% veterans. We are grateful for their service and commitment to our nation. Happy Veterans Day!

MacDonald-Miller Transport

Santa’s spreading the holiday spirit in our plumbing fab shop today!


Getting ready to let it ride!


It’s almost time for MacFest!!!!!!!!!!

MacDonald-Miller Team

Thumbs up!

MacDonald-Miller Team

Work hard! Play hard! Here’s some of our top notch crew from our 2030 8th Ave project going beast mode this weekend at Meadowbrook Farm for the Subway Beast Mode Challenge (Dion Senger, Mike Kunkel, Joel Phillips, Bryan Kindt and Paul Deines)


A selfie within a selfie within a selfie! MacMillians take MacFest challenges to the next level.

PreFab Shop

Precision is key


Looking Good!


All smiles in the sheet metal shop!


Our Estimating Department took some remote controlled drone selfies!


We don’t like to brag about ourselves. So here is what others have to say about us.

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We’re a winning team

MacDonald-Miller is the premier mechanical contractor in the Northwest. And a huge reason for that is our people. Here, nothing is higher priority than creating an environment where employees can craft their own path, embrace technology, expand their skills, and, just as important, be themselves. We are a Finalist for “Best Places to Work in Washington”, in large part because our atmosphere is one of creativity and camaraderie, where the level of dedication is matched by the amount of fun we have! Sound like a good fit? Go to macmiller.com/jobs to find out more about the wide variety of opportunities we have available in Washington and Oregon

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We believe that supporting the construction industry, as well as the Pacific Northwest community, is valuable for developing our employees’ training, education, and relationships.

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As a Union Shop, we provide top-notch trained staff.

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We make buildings work better.