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After years of working with Eastern Washington maintenance customer, Novolex, the MacDonald-Miller service team had a proven track record as a facility solutions partner. When Novolex decided they needed to install a new RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) to replace two smaller outdated RTO units and associated ducting, we were ready to take on this special project.

This RTO unit pulls exhaust air from the plastic bag production process within the facility that contains high levels of VOC’s and burns them off so that the plant meets EPA requirements for clean air. Taking approximately ten months to build, this is the largest RTO unit that’s ever been built by the manufacturer.

Ship & Shore Environmental, the manufacturer of the RTO, was looking for a subcontractor to perform the necessary installation work locally. Our presence in Yakima and extensive knowledge of the customer’s facility made MacMiller a clear choice for this project.

Our ability to fabricate all the ducting, install the ducting, and install the RTO, was a big win for the customer. Along with the install piece, we’ve helped Ship & Shore from day one on the project management side. The biggest challenge to overcome was the ability to meet as a construction team in person as the unit manufacturer is based in California. With only a few site visits together in person, the customer relied on our team to execute with excellence over the duration of the project.

Shout out to Steve Hilliard who has been a huge help in coordinating our team and all of our subcontractors. This is one of the largest projects we’ve done as an Inland Northwest Team and we’ve all learned a lot. Pat Roberts has helped us tremendously in how we manage and deliver this work for our customer and the unit manufacturer. THANK YOU to our top-notch team! – Burt Ross

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