Leveraging constant communications – MIU East Lab Q & A

McLean Webster, Project Manager, takes a break from his busy day as project manager to share some insight into our work at a telecommunications lab in Bellevue, WA.

Q: All projects have challenges. What issues are being overcome for this specific job?
A: The uniqueness of the steel superstructure that was added around the existing wood building created many challenges. The overall structure of the building is not typical, and creates unique scenarios when MEP travels throughout. That, coupled with the vastness of MEP being added to the space, further demonstrated the importance of thorough scheduling and detailed coordination. Also, the Sound Transit continuation of their East Link Expansion has made jobsite logistics change constantly. Working together with Turner Construction to conquer challenges as they approach helps alleviate the impact to the job.

Q: It sounds like teamwork is really important when faced with these types of challenges. What helps with overall collaboration?
A: Working in close proximity to the Turner team has allowed pull plan scheduling to be utilized. This has resulted in better detail and sequence in the scheduling efforts. Given how much MEP is needed in a building like this, it has been crucial to have everyone on the same page so that plans can be developed and modified quickly to keep the project progressing.

Q: What type of innovation has been helpful for the scope of this telecommunication lab?
A: Using pre-insulated line sets and prefabrication for the chilled water system has allowed us to cut down on the amount of work in areas with low accessibility.

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