Boiler Project: PeaceHealth

The PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend boiler project consists of retrofitting two 800hp Superior Boilers and installing a third new 800hp Hurst boiler. We are installing state of-the-art Limpsfield burners that are guaranteed to operate at 3% O2 emissions (15% excess air). That means they are very efficient and will provide energy savings and lower fuel costs! Along with the new burners, we are installing new Autoflame combustion management controls and a central plant manager. Therefore, all the boilers will “talk” to each other as well as the building controls. The customer will possess remote access to the boiler plant via a tablet computer anywhere in the hospital through their secure WiFi connection.

We’re also installing integrated water level control. This provides highly accurate boiler water level, improving efficiency, plus an onscreen “virtual” sight glass for at-a-glance water level checks.

Autoflame top blowdown and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) metering is being installed to keep the waterside clean and free of scale. This feature provides onscreen data of current TDS levels and blow down. When this project is finalized, this will be the most state-of-the-art boiler plant in Oregon.

“With the support of Bill Kegley and Scott Gideon, Ruben Canas, and our field guys, Jeff Mask and Nate Jones, this has been a very smooth, successful project with a lot of collaboration across teams. It couldn’t have gone any better,” states Kristen Killen, Service Special Projects Account Manager.

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