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It’s hard to talk about any business without reflecting on how COVID-19 is changing the way we show up at work and what the long-term economic impact may be for the PNW and our industry. As we march on through the second half of 2020, I am happy to say that MacDonald-Miller is doing quite well, as our employee count is back up to pre-COVID levels and our forecast is to remain busy well into next year. However, the challenges to respond to our customers while keeping everyone safe have been real – every part of our company has had to adapt to a new way of getting work done and I am proud to say we are indeed getting it done! The world is changing, but we are all fortunate to be part of an industry that continues to be called into action.

For example, in response to pandemic concerns our customers are counting on MacMiller to find ways to improve their building’s air quality and investing in touchless plumbing fixtures to reduce germ transmission. On construction job sites we have even designed and built Custom Wash Stations in response to new jobsite safety protocols. We also continue to see increased interest in using Smart Building data to make buildings more efficient and see problems that would have gone undetected by the naked eye. And it comes as no surprise that our Health Care Team has been very busy supporting hospitals during this unusual and critical time.

As well as we have navigated 2020 thus far, we’re just a few months into this new paradigm that will have long lasting effects, even after the pandemic has passed. I encourage us all to look for ways we can learn from the current landscape and embrace valuable lessons that can benefit our communities moving forward.

I hope you all can get outside and enjoy some fresh air during our NW summer and find ways to be thankful in these uncertain times. So far so good…

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