Exceeding Expectations

By Gus Simonds, CEO:

After a recent visit to one of our new construction jobsites I am in awe of the depth of our company’s knowledge, experience, and collaboration. No matter what problem we’re hired to execute or troubleshoot, we continue to provide a high-quality product and service that exceeds what our customers ask of us. This speaks volumes about how we value our work, our employees, and our culture.

In the picture above, I am dwarfed by the expert fabrication and installation of the state-of-the-art system we engineered for a pharma facility currently under construction in Everett, WA. Congrats to everybody involved in this fast-moving and impressive job that continues through the rest of this year. More good news this summer is that the Swedish Medical Center project has restarted after being on a long pause, giving MacDonald-Miller a nice backlog of work as we head into 2024 and 2025.

We have recently won an exciting data center project in Oregon. Coupled with the Clackamas County Courthouse and others, this ensures a healthy workload in 2024 and good recession buffer for all of MacMiller.

Service, Performance Contracting, Controls, Healthcare, Service Special Projects and Construction Special Projects are all as busy as ever – despite slowdown in other industries, we have the same MacMiller employee count as we have had over the last two years.

Our MacMillians are smart, skilled, and dedicated professionals, working in many different capacities and environments – hot roofs, dark mechanical rooms, crowded construction sites, drawing on computers, estimating projects, working through supply chain procurement challenges, listening and communicating with our customers, both internal (you!) and external, and finally connecting these efforts together – creating our own test and balancing, with just the right tools to nurture building systems to life. Thanks for all you do to support MacMiller!

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