PRESS RELEASE: Virtual reality brings projects to life before they are built.

SEATTLE, Wash., September 18, 2018 – Local mechanical contractor, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, now offers clients the ability to experience their project before it’s even built through virtual reality (VR).

The MLAB at MacDonald-Miller is a 750 sq. foot space dedicated to virtual reality that sparks imagination and inspires collaboration. This new capability provides customers with the ability to explore a project in VR, make real-time adjustments to a building model and immediately see the results in VR. Conversely, customers can make structural changes in VR or change the finish of a floor and bi-directionally update the building model, enabling on the fly adjustments to a building’s design at no cost to construction.

While in the MLAB, MacDonald-Miller customers can see exactly what the user is seeing while in Virtual Reality via the fully immersive projection technology, enabling both the team in VR and the meeting participants to simultaneously experience the building. The MLAB can accommodate any number of team members and will provide a place for stakeholder engagement earlier in the design process.

The MLAB will be available to facility managers to tour their new mechanical rooms before construction begins. Architects and clients can visualize their new buildings very early in the design. Building owners can tour their lobby and plazas to better visualize the views and perspectives, including real site movements including weather patterns, daylight, shadow conditions, walking distance and energy studies while in Virtual Reality.

MacDonald-Miller has been using 3-D Modeling and BIM for years. Now, it’s tremendously exciting to have the technology of VR as part of their delivery method, expanding into 4D time simulations and 5D cost analysis, including the ability to calculate the cost of a material change or structural change in real time.

“This room delivers the power of creativity and insight into how decisions – big or small – will impact construction in real-time,” says, Bradd Busick, CIO at MacDonald-Miller. “The benefits of this capability in the construction industry are just starting to be realized. Decisions can be made quicker, saving time and money. It engages design teams with owners in a new way to create a better building.”

The MLAB will also provide dynamic community outreach by merging STEM values with practical applications for tomorrow’s workforce. MacDonald-Miller will offer tours of the MLAB to local students and teachers with the goal being engagement with community, education, government, and industry to foster a STEM-skills learning experience for the 21st Century workforce.

MacDonald-Miller is a full-service design-build contractor with 10 locations throughout Oregon and Washington. They’ve helped change the local landscape for over half a century with buildings that operate in the most efficient manner possible. Clients include Microsoft, Seattle Aquarium, Washington State Convention Center, and T-Mobile to name a few. This powerful tool embodies MacDonald-Miller’s never-ending dedication to making buildings work better. To learn more about their services and projects visit


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