Killian Pacific, a Vancouver, Washington based property developer, takes a ‘people first’ approach to doing business. They were searching for the right fit regarding a mechanical contractor to partner with – for this company, a professional and cultural match was essential. “Culture is huge for us and we wanted the right business partner that fit what we were trying to do,” noted Toby J. Thew, Chief Engineer at Killian Pacific.

As Killian Pacific holds on to its properties and manages them for years to come, sustainability has always been important. Utilizing many of the MacDonald-Miller solutions, such as MacLens, Mobile Tech, and Call Summaries, we showed the Killian Pacific team what is happening at each of their buildings. This greatly elevated their confidence in our abilities as well as their enthusiasm for working with us.

Through preventative HVAC maintenance, tenant improvement projects, and building controls upgrades, we’ve proven to be a great fit for Killian Pacific. With over a year of building relationships, MacMiller has been awarded 9 locations, with additional locations on the horizon, helping Killian Pacific grow their portfolio in a sustainable way.

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