Introducing: Connected Building Solutions

Every year, new technology is developed to make lives easier and help save time, energy and money. MacDonald-Miller is committed to staying ahead of the curve, which is why we’ve created Connected Building Solutions – blending traditional HVAC Mechanical services with innovative technology to provide our customers with comprehensive building intelligence.

Using smart devices with service capabilities, we can now offer report accessibility, 24/7 monitoring, increased comfort and maximized equipment performance. By connecting with your building’s HVAC system through a smart device, your system can provide meaningful insights and alerts, so MacMiller can forecast potential problems before they become expensive issues. We can predict equipment failures, reduce the number of service calls and lower overall maintenance costs.

The beauty of Connected Building Solutions is that it’s truly tailored to the needs and budget of the customer. Regardless of the building system complexity, we can create a solution to be a best fit for the building. At MacMiller, we feel that every facility, no matter the size, age, or level of equipment sophistication, can be a smarter building.

When buildings speak, we respond.

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