MacDonald-Miller headquarters move to SeaTac:

New MacDonald-Miller headquarters will be located at SeaTac Office Center, North Tower, 17930 International Blvd., SeaTac.

Our corporate headquarters has been at 7717 Detroit Ave SW Seattle since 1988. Our company’s former president owned the building and recently sold it, allowing us to re-envision our workplace. 

“We chose to go with a hybrid workforce model for our office staff because it reduces our carbon footprint and is good for employees because it offers more flexibility. We tried it through COVID and proved to be a highly productive office team,” said Chief Executive Officer Gus Simonds, who added that most employees live in the south and/or east part of the Puget Sound region. “We were quite intentional about where to move and how to design our space. It’s a new chapter for MacDonald-Miller and we’re excited for our future.”’

“We are taking this opportunity to purposefully build our new headquarters as a showcase for new and existing customers, as well as our current and future employees, centrally located near the light rail and airport,” said Amanda Spraker, MacDonald-Miller Chief Administrative Officer, who has led the tenant improvement efforts.

As an HVAC contractor, our company is focused on improving the air quality inside buildings while also saving energy. We will not only occupy 45,000 square feet on the 6th and 7th floors of the building, but will also have 5,000 square feet of space on the ground floor that will be used for its MLAB – a virtual reality lab where customers can experience in advance what their building’s mechanical systems will look like. The ground floor also holds MacDonald-Miller’s Smart Buildings Command Center, which will allow customers to view their mechanical systems in real time. It will also include a room that can be used for customer education and community events. 

The new space increases collaboration areas for employees by more than 50 percent and decreases individual offices by 50 percent for an overall 10 percent reduction in square footage. “It’s a cultural shift for our business, which speaks to the hybrid model and MacDonald-Miller’s commitment to innovation and collaboration,” Spraker said. “A lot of effort has been made to create a very employee-friendly space. When we are together, we really want to be together.”

Managing the tenant improvement for our new space has allowed us to work with several existing customers and partners, including property manager Urban Renaissance Group, general contractor Foushée, and JPC architects.

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