MacDonald-Miller’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement

Message from our CEO, Gus Simonds:

Over the past two years, our organization has been on a journey to be even better.  In addition to our strong growth as a business, our internal teams continue to learn how we can be stronger together.

In the Spring of 2020, together with the leadership team and many of our employees, MacDonald-Miller started our Inclusion Council.  The Council’s work is focused in 3 areas to strengthen our diversity and inclusion within MacDonald-Miller and our broader community: Employee Education, Recruitment & Retention, and Community Outreach.  The Council continues strong today providing opportunities in support of each of these initiatives through various department and business unit partnerships.

At the same time, the leadership team began to discuss a need to better understand our team diversity and ensure that all of our employees feel they belong and are valued as a part of the MacDonald-Miller community.  As we explored this topic more, we realized we had more to learn.  We embarked on a several month training and development series with a local consulting firm with expertise in diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  Through this work, each of our senior leaders explored what diversity in the workplace meant to them personally and together we discussed why it is important to all of us at MacDonald-Miller.  We read books and listened to speakers in the field, we increased our understanding of the current demographic landscape and future state of our workforce, and most importantly, we supported each other as we worked through this important, but not always easy, topic together.

Through this work, we have reaffirmed our strong commitment to creating the best work environment for all of our employees.  In support of that, I am happy to share with you our MacDonald-Miller Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Statement:

You Be You and Together We Can.  Diverse perspectives drive our success.  MacDonald-Miller is committed to empowering our teams and partners to drive positive changes that includes equity for all.  We succeed when everyone feels they belong, are safe and understood.

In addition to our values, our DEI statement is a part of how our work gets done, every single day. I encourage you to be a part of this continuous learning journey with us because diverse perspectives drive our continued success.

You be You and Together We Can.


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