MacDonald-Miller’s field Quality Assurance & Quality Control Program (QA/QC) ensures what we build and install meets or beats MacMiller standards and the customers’ expectations. The goal is to eliminate issues as they arise. This can be accomplished starting with design review. The field reviews and notes any concerns for further review.

Next step is proper training for the installation crews. Making sure they have read and understand the installation instructions for the equipment and materials that are being installed.

  • Planned inspections over the course of the installation are crucial to keep the QA/QC plan on track.
  • Documentation showing each step was taken and reviewed to help keep anything from being missed.
  • As issues arise NCR’s (Non-Conformance Reports) are created. The document states the issue and what steps were taken to resolve it. The signature of the GC and MacMiller job leadership team are required. They are named and filed sequentially for future reference. NCR’s will be reviewed at the end of the project as part of an evaluation of the QA/QC plan. Changes will be made in our processes, standard materials, or training as required.

The Quality Assurance & Quality Control Program at the Grande Ronde Hospital project is intended to identify, track, document, and correct any sort of quality issues that typically arise over the course of a job. The program includes daily inspections for each trade, thorough documentation of any issues, tests, and inspections, weekly summaries, and increased communication to all parties involved in the job.

“With the implementation of our Quality Assurance & Quality Control Program, I believe that we are capable of delivering a quality product that satisfies all specifications and job requirements, and further helps position MacMiller as a formidable mechanical contractor in the INW,” says Curtis Pitman, QA/QC Manager.

This process is part of our culture. We want to hand our customers the highest quality project, keeping the warranty issues at a minimum.

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