Farwest Steel

Design-Build: HVAC system, TAB, plumbing, controls.

This design-build project involves the construction of a steel manufacturing facility in Post Falls, Idaho. This facility spans 6,900 SF of office space and over 100,000 SF of warehouse space. The project scope encompassed plumbing and mechanical for the facility, including a split HVAC system with three rooftop units. Additionally, the manufacturing section of the warehouse required six heaters, six large exhaust fans, and a compressed airline system in the equipment room to supply air for the tools and machinery.

The original plan for this project was to replicate the design of the Portland location, which would include garage door openings to combat debris build up and provide ventilation. However, the differing environment and city codes of Post Falls required changes to this specific design. The team pivoted to include large exhaust fans instead.

MacDonald-Miller Project Team:

Richard Condrey (Project Executive), Chad Murphy (Senior Project Manager), Jacob Hackl (Project Engineer), Kurtis Larson (Plumbing Foreman), Keith Anderson (Sheet Metal Foreman), Steve Hargrove (Senior Engineering Manager – HVAC), Michael Kelly (Design Engineer – Plumbing).

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