Technician Highlight

We received a call from one of our North Sound customers at our MacDonald-Miller Service Response Center, and Service Technician Zach Burgy, was dispatched to diagnose the problem. He found a very common issue: an aging R22 rooftop unit with multiple failed compressors. There are several options that could fit a customer’s budget and time expectations. A consultation with the customer factors in their pressing needs, which in this case was their immediate need for comfort cooling.

Customer Care

As a true customer advocate, Zach outlined the options knowing ultimately it is the customers decision. He provided options ranging from complete unit replacement to like-for-like compressor change-out.  After reviewing the costs and benefits of all recommendations, the customer decided to upgrade to Non-OEM compressors and retrofit the system to R407C refrigerant.


This is labor-intensive process that includes a crane pick, complete re-pipe of the compressor section and replacement of elastomers in the refrigerant circuit. Once the piping is complete, the system is flushed, oil is changed, components pressure tested and system evacuated. The compressors are then ready to be charged up with new R407C refrigerant and fired off for the first time!

In the end, the customer received a quality finished product along with peace of mind knowing their system is running at peak performance going into the summer months.


Zach Burgy, an experienced Journeyman Service Technician, thrives off a project such as this.  He enjoyed pre-planning, ensuring the project ran smoothly and navigating the challenges of this complex repair.  Teaming up with Brendon Thorstad, North Sound Service Apprentice, on this complex project allowed Zach to pass down some his knowledge to a junior technician while learning and troubleshooting together.

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