I would like to Congratulate Oregon Service Apprentice, Kurt Beagley, for winning the Local 290 Apprenticeship Contest! I am confident you will represent Local 290 and MacMiller well at the Regional Competition!” – Brandon Thomas, Oregon Service Foreman

The Local 290 Apprenticeship Contest covers an Electrical Wiring Diagram practical exam where the apprentices have to read a diagram and then build the electrical circuit.  They had a VFD Programming exercise, a Brazing Exercise, Pump Shaft Alignment utilizing Dial indicators and a Customer Service Role Playing exercise.  

“Kurt Beagley is an outstanding Apprentice and I am immensely proud to have him on my team and part of the MacMiller Family. Additionally, I would like to recognize Joe Holcomb, Chris McCoy and Erv Garrison for Proctoring the competition. Your dedication to the Future of our Trade is greatly appreciated,” said Brandon.

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