At MacDonald-Miller, we don’t follow the status quo. We push beyond the cutting-edge. That’s why we designed our own virtual reality environment with augmented capabilities for customers to experience their building designs and make changes in real-time. We’re calling this computer automated virtual environment MLAB. The space integrates with our Engineering, Estimating, Detailing, Preconstruction, Project Management & Building Services teams to create a cohesive project approach with our customers. Connecting capabilities to access design files, make live adjustments, and get team involvement instantaneously, we are fast-tracking the way projects are built. Go beyond drawings and shared files. Now you can walk through your building and interact with the systems before it’s built. Want to experience your project?

From BIM to Breakthrough

Innovative Engineering with Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities allow us to meet every Level-of-Development that a project may demand. Now we bring this ingenuity into the 4D experience with MLAB.

Innovation Render

Our detailing department works from the same modeling database as our estimating team so projects are streamlined in-house with cohesive expertise and precise pricing.

Dynamic Detailing Render

Technology Driven Project Delivery Created to illustrate projects as multidimensional experiences for clients and partners, we have the ability to explore a project in VR, make real-time adjustments to a REVIT model, and immediately see the results.

Virtual Reality User


Virtual reality in use


Learn more about how this innovative approach to building systems will change the industry standard for mechanical contractors.

Kids experiencing virtual reality


MLAB is also a community outreach, merging STEM education values with practical applications for tomorrow’s workforce.

Team using virtual reality


Schedule your virtual reality experience with the MacMiller team. Walk through your building and visualize what’s possible.

Virtual reality users

“We can invite facility managers to tour their new mechanical room before its built. We can invite architects and their clients to visualize their new buildings very early in the design. We can invite owners to tour their lobby and plazas to better visualize the views and perspectives.”

- Ben Gezon, Engineering Principal

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