Linda Bucher, Senior Estimator.

It’s day 2 of Women in Construction Week.  Today we feature Linda Bucher, Senior Estimator!

What does being an Estimator entail?

I develop estimates for mechanical systems by analyzing available documents to come up with a budget for all labor, equipment and materials required to provide a complete HVAC system. 

As a senior estimator, it is my responsibility to not only price what is shown on the drawings, but to be sure we are accounting for all systems needed to provide a fully functional building.  I work closely with Sales, Project Management and the trades to help determine accurate costs to secure work for our company.

How did you choose a career in construction?

I graduated from Washington State University and first went to work estimating at a commercial glazing company in Tacoma, my home town.  From there I went to work for a few different HVAC equipment suppliers here in Seattle, but eventually decided I wanted to work on the construction side of the industry.  I enjoyed seeing how the overall HVAC systems came together more than pricing the individual components, so being a mechanical estimator was a good fit for me. 

What is it like to work at MacMiller?

I have worked at MacDonald-Miller for 25 years now.  The best part of working here is definitely the people. I have been given every opportunity to learn and grow over the years, but most importantly for me personally is that I have been given the opportunity to balance my work and home life. 

After working here for 4 years, I started my family and wanted to work 3 days a week.  Since construction projects bid 5 days a week, it presented a bit of a problem – but instead of refusing my request, MacMiller came up with a solution for my situation and allowed me to work 3 days a week estimating change orders at a jobsite.  From there they created a position as a cost analyst where I could contribute in my area of expertise and still work part time.  Once back in Estimating, they have worked with me as a team over the years to accommodate my schedule. 

I am now back to a full time position, but will be forever grateful for the extra time MacMiller has allowed me to be with my family while still allowing for growth as an estimator.

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