Women in Construction Week:

It’s day 5 of Women in Construction Week! Today we feature Amy Johnson, Senior Project Manager. As a company that prides itself on exceptional customer service, MacDonald-Miller recognizes a major contributor to that excellence is our project managers. Our experienced team is comprised of individuals who take the lead on a diverse array of initiatives.  Amy is one such team player, who has mastered the art of project management and true partnership with customers.

Amy Johnson, Senior Project Manager.

My family has been in the construction industry my whole life, and I started in construction as an administrative assistant 19 years ago. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to work on a job site after a year or so as an admin, which led to becoming a project manager.

As a senior project manager, I help to formulate and manage a game plan with our internal and external partners to successfully complete a project on time and within budget. I love the collaboration of working through challenges to meet the end goal and building relationships in the process.

MacDonald-Miller is unique in that we are always looking for ways to improve. When we succeed, it is very exciting, but then we always ask, “how can it be done better next time?” I believe we have some of the most talented and dedicated employees in the industry.

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