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The new convention center’s footprint is too large to be built conventionally from the ground up. Instead, it is being built in 5 zones that are effectively 5 high-rise buildings stacked next to each other. Zone 1 is adjacent to Boren Avenue and Zone 5 is adjacent to 9th Avenue. We are currently working on Zones 1 and 2, which entail multiple large mechanical rooms, a bakery, facility shops, and portions of the parking garages, exhibition halls, meeting rooms, pre-function spaces, and the ballroom.

Brief overview:

WSCCA will dramatically expand on the amenities that the current convention center has been providing. The new building adds more than 570,000 SF of event space including two large exhibition halls, a ballroom and 59 meeting rooms.  Also included in the building are several retail spaces, three levels of parking, a bakery, a full commissary kitchen, and an outdoor terrace.

What stage we are in:

We are in the rough-in stages of Zones 1 and 2. The majority of our current work involves inserting decks, installing hangers, roughing in ductwork and piping, pressure testing smoke exhaust systems and setting major equipment such as air handling units, pollution control units and heat exchangers.

Exciting happening!

The sheet metal and fitting crews are preparing to set the largest AHU on the project which will serve the Hillclimb area of the job. The Hillclimb serves as the primary public stairwell running from the below grade exhibition hall to the ballroom nearly 200′ above. This open stairwell, connecting the various event spaces, will create impressive visuals due to its large glass façade and unique casework. The mechanical room housing this AHU is cantilevered over I-5 adding an extra degree of difficulty.

Anticipated project completion: November 2021

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