Our Approach

MacDonald-Miller’s commitment to sustainability stems from our company mission to make buildings work better. As a design-build mechanical contractor, we employ a team of world-class engineers who design creative energy-saving solutions to meet or surpass the sustainability goals of our clients. Whether a project is in design, under construction, or an existing building ripe for improvements, we have innovative solutions that can help you meet your goals.

“Our commitment to leading the industry starts with our vision to demonstrate that every project has a path to a carbon neutral outcome.” – Reagan J. Perry, President of Construction

We believe together, we can save the planet one building at a time.

Our Commitment

The Climate Pledge

Net Zero Emissions in our facilities & operations by 2040

MEP 2040

Net Zero Emissions in our projects by 2040

District Energy

Achieving carbon neutrality in the building design of the district energy system for the Providence-Swedish Medical Center First Hill campus.

Rooted in Values

What happens when we make your buildings work better? A building that works better also helps people live better lives – healthier air, smart HVAC & plumbing design decisions can often mean more mental clarity, more productivity, more healing, and more engagement in their communities. Our goal is not only to make a more comfortable environment that reduces your energy bills but also to have a positive impact on the people it serves and the natural environment. This is exactly what sustainability is all about – and this is what we’re here to do.

What does sustainability look like?

1. Building places that sustain life

2. Making decisions that protect the planet

3. Designing innovative solutions

It will take all of us working together with the intention of creating a safe place for future generations to thrive. This is our commitment to our employees, clients, the community, and the world.

Geo-thermal energy exchange

The Redmond Campus Central Utility Plant (CUP) project is designed for a 10,500-ton chilled water plant with heat recovery and geo-thermal energy exchange that will support the new East Campus Modernization which consists of 17 new buildings (approx. 3,000,000 square feet) on a 72-acre site. By drilling hundreds of holes 550 feet into the ground, the TEC will heat and cool the new Microsoft campus using the earth’s constant temperature below its surface — eliminating a reliance on natural gas in kitchens and for HVAC use.

We make buildings work better.