Sound Stormweather Solution – UPDATE!

MacDonald-Miller does its part to protect the beautiful community we call home by supporting and participating in waterway cleanup efforts.

From 2010 to present, MacDonald-Miller continues to ensure the stormwater leaving the Norfolk shop yard is as clean as possible before entering the protected waterways of the PNW. This means putting strict housekeeping policies in place such as:
• Covering all galvanized and copper material in the yard
• Keeping dumpsters closed when not in use
• Daily sweeping of the shop floor
• No painting in the yard
• No grinding, cutting or welding of any metal in the yard

These steps along with specialized filtration systems help to safeguard against poisoning aquatic wildlife which will preserve the natural habitat and beauty of the Pacific Northwest for generations to come.

Special catch basin inserts and 7 in-line Grattix box biofiltration system are used to clean the stormwater leaving the shop yard.


MacMiller is doing its part to help preserve the aquatic habitat of Puget Sound.

More here: Sound Stormweather Solution story.

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