Quality is Key:

Quality is a key focus in all areas of our business and is synonymous with MacDonald-Miller. It starts with having a solid plan, providing team members with the tools to get the job done right the first time and a positive feedback loop to identify areas for improvement.

Roughly 5 years ago, Service Operations developed and implemented a Quality Assurance Program focused on active customer engagement. Every field technician has a one-on-one assessment with their immediate supervisor each quarter at a customer site during a maintenance visit or a scheduled repair.

These assessments provide field technicians with interactive feedback on their work relative to company standards and supervisor expectations. This assessment covers the following key areas:

  • Safety Hazard Identification, Awareness and Execution
  • Condition of Site Equipment
  • Recommendation Identification
  • Organization and Care of Vehicle, Uniform and Tools
  • Professionalism and Customer Engagement
  • Work Summary and MacLens Content Quality
  • Internal Engagement

Encouragement and coaching are provided in these areas to help outline areas of improvement. When the customer is available, the supervisor will inquire about how MacMiller can improve. The highlights of this survey are also shared with the customer to reinforce MacMiller’s focus on superior quality service.

“Being able to learn a new technique or approach to a problem through a seasoned point of view has really helped me personally improve how I interact with my customers.” – Chad Thomas, North Sound Service Tech

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