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:+ : By Steve Barker, Rylan MacCay & Jon Hay

To support the continued growth of our Portland business, we agreed to lease an additional 7,500 SF of warehouse space in our current business park.

MacDonald-Miller is investing in space and equipment in Portland which will include an overflow locale for warehouse receiving and a pipe fabrication area to cut, weld and groove pipe up to 12” in diameter.

Mark Croman and Brent Campbell started the initiative for a fabrication space and put together a comprehensive plan for an improved workflow process. Both were heavily involved in designing the new fabrication space to get the most out of each square foot and to provide flexibility for future expansions or different work types.

Prior to the Portland fabrication space, the shop in Seattle was completing most of the fabrication and delivering it to Portland every 1-2 weeks. The added space will support a significant portion of Portland’s pipe fabrication needs and has room to expand as needed.

This will allow us to fabricate better to just-in-time scheduling by reducing lead-time and transportation costs. Seattle will still provide pipe fabrication for some of the larger or specialized pipe due to some of the equipment they have available.

Driven by the economics of certain projects, most Sheet Metal fabrication will be purchased from local fabrication shops in the area or done in Seattle for some specialized items. We are excited to see this plan come to life to expand our regional capabilities and contribute to the success of our client’s projects.

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