There are a lot of groups in Seattle wanting to make a difference in the community. One group actively working to impact our city since 1980 is the Plymouth Housing Group, a program that works to eliminate homelessness.  MacDonald-Miller recently partnered with Plymouth in their mission to make Plymouth Housing buildings work better!

We share their enthusiasm for sustainable building designs at affordable low-income housing rates. Their desire for excellence was validated when in 2013 their Plymouth’s Pat Williams Apartment received the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Homes Mid-Rise Platinum certification.  Last year Plymouth reported their new apartments had increased the average stay of their residents by 60%. The cost of housing for a year at Plymouth is roughly $14,000, which is approximately the same price as eight days in jail or six days in Harborview! The tremendous work of Plymouth not only supports individuals who need such assistance, but also saves the taxpayers millions of dollars a year – a fact derived from the American Journal of Public Health in 2013.

In MacDonald-Miller’s collaboration with Plymouth, we have helped them provide safe living accommodations for homeless adults in need of opportunities and supportive services. We can’t wait to be a part of their fantastic work in 2015!



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